Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Welcome to Bethel University Student Portal Login. Please read and understand the following before proceeding:


Please exercise caution when using this portal. Do not leave the computer with your account still logged on. Exit the browser completely when your session is done to prevent others from improperly accessing information.

Do not share username or password with others.

By logging into this site you are enabling access to private educational information that is protected by federal privacy law. Disclosure of that information to unauthorized parties violates the Family Educational rights and Privacy Acts. (FERPA)

You should not attempt to proceed unless you are specifically authorized to do so and are informed about FERPA. When accessing the system, you must access only information needed to complete your assigned or authorized task. You may communicate the information only to other parties authorized to have access in accordance with the provisions of FERPA.

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CAMS Support Team

For Technical Assistance such as resetting password or other problems - please Email: - please provide name, user name, telephone number, and college you are enrolled in such as College of Arts and Sciences or College of Public Service or School of University Studies.

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